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Anubhuti was set up in June 2013. We mainly work to improve the efficiency of the Brain.
Brain Gymnasium is a programme designed to sharpen our brain. Brain monitors all the functions of our body like thoughts, feelings, behaviour, memory, movements, etc. With so many things going on simultaneously, the energy in our brain drains out; leaving us fatigued & inefficient... Through this programme, we aim to restore & maintain the physical & mental health of our brain. With every passing second, our brain tends to change and develop. If we provide it with healthy food, positive thoughts, good work, exciting challenges, abundant oxygen & enough rest; our brain can create wonders!

Our Happy Family

Asmita Khairnar

I really like the concept of Anubhuti. I can see the positive changes in my son. Whenever I spend time at Anubhuti, I feel I am in a different world.

Dr. Shailesh Kanvinde

Encouraging participants to give their opinions/ideas is extremely useful. It helps shy, less confident children to air their views without the fear of being judged.

Rupa Kanvinde

Children are given a chance to share their thoughts openly, in a very friendly atmosphere. The sessions are helpful in improving thoughts.

Srushti Thorat

Anubhuti is very nice. Here we come across new concepts like Kaizen, Goals and aims, self talk, etc. We understand difficult concepts through easy and clear examples.

Shantanu Nene

Anubhuti is quite good. All the sessions are very good. I like the library and movie club. I think we will change it into a worldwide organization.

About us

We are a group of young minds working collectively to help ourselves become better human beings. We also assist willing individuals to expand reform or refurbish their horizons of thoughts and choose the optimistic route anywhere and everywhere. We believe in Anubhuti: Learning here is experiential...


Recent Events

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