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Go to How we Learn

How we Learn

Neuroplasticity, what happens in our brain when we learn something, why is practice important? Practical exposure of meditation activities to enhance learning.

Go to How to Develop Concentration

How to Develop Concentration

Why is it necessary to do one thing at a time, what happens when we multitask, benefits of having better concentration. Practical exposure of meditation activities to enhance learning.

Introduction to Meditation

What do we mean by Meditation, why is it necessary, benefits of meditation, first-hand experience of meditators

Go to Intelligence and Personality Assessment

Intelligence and Personality Assessment

Includes assessment of attention span, memory, learning style, area of intelligence, strengths in personality and areas for improvement in personality

Go to Experiential Learning

Experiential Learning

Why is learning necessary, importance of learning through experiences, how sharing knowledge helps, how can learning be made easy? Practical exposure of meditation activities to enhance learning.

Go to How to Sharpen Memory

How to Sharpen Memory

How do we remember things, role of Hippocampus in learning and memory, techniques to improve memory? Practical exposure of meditation activities to enhance learning.


Field trips, Interviews of dignitaries from various fields, exposure workshops are conducted under the Kutuhal banner.

‘Anubhuti: Nurturing Young Minds’ was set up in June 2013, with two beliefs firmly rooted in our minds:

• Thoughts and Attitude largely define a personality
• Both can be moulded as a mind never really grows old

We are a group of young minds working collectively to help ourselves become better human beings. We also assist willing individuals to expand, reform or refurbish their horizons of thoughts and choose the optimistic route anywhere and everywhere.

‘Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think’. -Albert Einstein

Educating individuals to ‘Think’ is our main aim. Learning here is experiential.
We dream of an ‘Emotionally Fit World’. If young children are given exposure to techniques that help to build a strong and healthy mind, we believe that they would not only be successful, but also become better citizens of the world. At Anubhuti, we provide support, guidance and counselling to anyone and everyone facing any kind of hurdle or challenge. Solutions given are customised. Work at Anubhuti is based on the five pillars of Vision, eagerness to learn, commitment, consistency and discipline. Every representative of Anubhuti is expected to abide by these values.

Let us all work together and create an Emotionally Fit Environment for our upcoming generations.

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Curiosity is the basic foundation on which learning occurs. The Kutuhal programmes aim to channelize and appease curiosity in children. A talk show or an interview is organised once a year. Noted personalities from various fields are invited to discuss the nuances and details of their field. Major Mandar Patil narrated the tough life of an army man; Dr. Suresh Naik introduced children to the Chandrayaan 1 and Mangalyaan missions, Surendra Jalihal and Chetan Ketkar shared their experiences on their journey to the top of the highest peak etc. Similarly, children are taken on field trips once in two months to various locations like Volkswagen plant, Vidnyan Ashram at Pabal, Alphonso Mango plantations at Kolthare, etc. Children learn much more when they see and observe things. It also develops their curiosity.