Curiosity is the basic foundation on which learning occurs. The Kutuhal programmes aim to channelize and appease curiosity in children. A talk show or an interview is organised once a year. Noted personalities from various fields are invited to discuss the nuances and details of their field. Major Mandar Patil narrated the tough life of an army man; Dr. Suresh Naik introduced children to the Chandrayaan 1 and Mangalyaan missions, Surendra Jalihal and Chetan Ketkar shared their experiences on their journey to the top of the highest peak etc. Similarly, children are taken on field trips once in two months to various locations like Volkswagen plant, Vidnyan Ashram at Pabal, Alphonso Mango plantations at Kolthare, etc. Children learn much more when they see and observe things. It also develops their curiosity.