Age Group: 8 to 80 years

The Assessment that we conduct at Anubhuti has been designed to firstly understand and then assist individuals on their development path. In the Assessment, we gauge various qualities of the individual, as well as the areas in which he/ she needs to improve, to become a better human being. We assess abilities like Concentration, Grasping, Memory, and around sixty other qualities like Determination, Confidence, readiness to work hard, etc. Suggestions are made accordingly to help the individual to improve his/ her personality and efficiency and productivity. Through the Assessment report, we also guide people to develop their process of handling emotions and stress, in other words, we assist individuals to become emotionally stable and mature. Any person who wishes to join any of the above-mentioned programmes is expected to undergo this assessment, as it helps us guide people better. The investment for this assessment is Rs. 1,800/- only.